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Party Day!

Today we have had lots of fun in Reception. Our day began with a disco in the hall and we did some amazing dancing! Then we had fun playing pass the parcel. This afternoon we enjoyed eating party food and watching a Christmas film.

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Ordering numbers

Next week we will be looking at ordering numbers zero to twenty.

christmas ordering numbers

Check out the following games


Reading is your window to the world!

This week in Reception we have really enjoyed our guided reading sessions in small groups. We start our session by playing fun phonics games. We have been learning to read simple words such as: in, at, on, cat, dog, tin by breaking the sounds up in the words and then blending them back together.

During our guided reading sessions we have been exploring the text Owl Babies. Miss Hilliard was really impressed when we could point to the title on the front cover. We pointed to the words as Miss Hilliard read the title. We discussed how many characters were in the book and spoke confidently about Sarah, Bill and Percy. Miss Hilliard encouraged us to point to the words as she read the text. We were really eager to point to the words in the text and recall the well-known phrases.

I am very proud of each and everyone of you! keep up this fantastic read at home.


Visit the website to listen to the story at home.