Monthly Archives: February 2018

Hello…is anybody out there?

Hello earthlings,

My name is Beegu. I want to say sorry for crash landing in your Dragon’s Den- my spaceship ran out of fuel and then the system control broke! It is very cold here- what is this white stuff falling from the sky? I have never seen that before? Luckily, I was able to find a blanket to keep me warm though.

Once again, I am sorry for creating a mess in your garden!

Goodbye for now,



Well… we have come to the end of yet another fantastic context in Meerkat Mail. The children have blown us away with their enthusiasm for the text and learning about Africa!

They have written a fact file and a retell of the story! In Geography they have compared the human and physical features of Standish and the Kalahari! Well done children!

They finished this unit by creating a David Attenborough style documentary about meerkats and the Kalahari!

This next term we will centre our learning around the text ‘Beegu’…

I’m sure you will love it just as much as you did Meerkat Mail!

Can’t wait to see you all back after the holidays!

Miss Cullen x