Wow! What a week!

We have had such a fabulous week! We found something mysterious in the Dragon’s Den which turned out to be a spaceship belonging to our new friend Beegu! Take a look at the pictures below!

We hope Beegu enjoyed the food we left out- pears, bananas, sweets and yoghurt!

Our attendance this week was 95.3% Let’s reach for 100% next week!

Miss Cullen x


2 thoughts on “Wow! What a week!

  1. Olivia

    Olivia would like to ask Beegu if it’s having fun in the snow. She says she hopes it contacts her. Although I’m not sure what she would do if it turned up!!

    She’s loved this and has been searching for clues all week!!

    1. l.cullen Post author

      Hi Olivia! Yes I loved the snow! Especially making snow angels! I’m a bit sad now though because the snow seems to be disappearing! I am a little cold now though- I think I could do with a new outfit to keep me warm especially in the night! Brrrr!

      See you soon Olivia!
      love Beegu


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