London’s Burning!

In DT we designed and created our own 1666 Houses, complete with thatched roofs and timber detail. All the houses look amazing on our very own Pudding Lane display area, well done class!

We used Power point to insert pictures and text about the Great Fire of London, before presenting our work in front of our class mates. R was so impressive working independently on this project that he became our star of the week.

We have completed our learning on the Great Fire of London, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. Watch this space for something new arriving soon!!

Congratulations to S on receiving the certificate for his beautiful handwriting.

Attendance was only 90%, lets try to get closer to 100% after half term.

One thought on “London’s Burning!

  1. Ryan hughes

    Ryan has enjoyed making the pudding lane display he’s been telling me all about the house he’s made out of his cereal box! He was very proud to receive the star award :)


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