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Friday 6th July Update

Well done y1B on achieving 66 class points this week. What a terrific score, sadly we didn’t win but we should be proud of how many points we collected.

Congratulations to E on his amazing gold standard handwriting and H for giving such an amazing effort in all of your lessons, you both make me smile lots and lots!

We had an attendance of 97.9% this week, well done class.

Enjoy what is to be another warm weekend, make sure you get an early night on Sunday in preparation for your transition to year two on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

see you Monday

Mrs B x



Congratulations to Y1B on achieving 99.3% attendance and 71 class points this week- we were the winners of both! Watch out for a treat on Monday ????.

It’s been a warm week but we have kept our cool working hard on writing about the naughty bus, exploring our talents as artists like PabloPicasso and researching the plants and trees in the school environment.

Well done to everyone who achieved gold standard hand writing this week, especially A who was awarded the certificate on making a huge difference with his presentation. A huge well done to R on achieving a certificate for her PE skills.

Enjoy your weekend, don’t forget the school fair tomorrow.


Sports Day Superstars!

Congratulations year 1 on a fabulous sports day!

You all tried your best and your behaviour was superb.

Remember to find a special place for your medal at home.

Well done on achieving 65 class points this week and 98.7% attendance, we’re improving each week.

The certificate for handwriting went to T who has really worked hard to form his letters neatly and TWO star of the week certificates for E and G who have worked so hard this week persevering with their work. You are superstars!!!

Enjoy a well earned rest and have a lovely weekend Y1B x

Dad’s Rock!

Thank you to all for coming to watch our Father’s Day Performances.

Well done class for showing off your ukulele skills and lovely singing voices!

We have achieved a whopping 64 class points this week and an attendance of 97.7%.

Congratulations to L for his excellent effort with handwriting this week and a super star award for B for stepping up to a challenge with bravery, you’ve both made me very proud.

(Don‘t forget to get your cards out of your bags)

Enjoy a lovely Father‘s Day weekend ☀️

London’s Burning!

In DT we designed and created our own 1666 Houses, complete with thatched roofs and timber detail. All the houses look amazing on our very own Pudding Lane display area, well done class!

We used Power point to insert pictures and text about the Great Fire of London, before presenting our work in front of our class mates. R was so impressive working independently on this project that he became our star of the week.

We have completed our learning on the Great Fire of London, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. Watch this space for something new arriving soon!!

Congratulations to S on receiving the certificate for his beautiful handwriting.

Attendance was only 90%, lets try to get closer to 100% after half term.

What happened this week?

Wow we have been busy in our 4 day week.

We have been learning about litres in capacity and extending our understanding of the 2 5 and 10 times tables by starting at different numbers.

Our Gold standard handwriting continues to improve and it was very hard to choose a certificate but O received it for the effort and neatness she has shown this week.

L worked hard on her finger spaces and sentence formation so she became our star of the week.

Well done to both of you!

We have continued to find out information about the GFL, this week focussing on Samuel Pepys and how important he was.

Our tennis skills are being fine tuned in PE, just in time for Wimbledon!

Attendance was 95.8%

Have a great weekend x